A BibTex Style File for Statistics in Medicine

The journal Statistics in Medicine does not provide an official BibTex style file. I know people who just manually formatted each references inside the latex file. I found an unofficial style file here.

With the bst file, there are still a couple extra steps to get the references with the format required by the journal.

  1. Open the Statinmed.bst file, change Line 446 “{vv~}{ll}{, f{}}{, jj}” to “{vv~}{ll}{ f{}}{ jj}”. This will remove the comma between last name and initials.
  2. In the main latex file, add the following commands to the preamble:

    \usepackage[numbers, sort&compress]{natbib}
    \makeatletter % Reference list option change
    \renewcommand\@biblabel[1]{#1.} % from [1] to 1.
    \makeatother %

    That will use the numeric reference style and remove square brackets in the list of references. The trick for removing square brackets is from Ki-Joo Kim’s A BibTEX Guide via Examples.

P.S. Thanks to Servien for pointing out the sort&compress option for natbib.


8 Comments to “A BibTex Style File for Statistics in Medicine”

  1. Tried to change line 446, but the comma didn’t disappear.. Any ideas?


  2. Thanks for your file which was very helpful.

    To have references like this :
    1. MacQueen … and not [1] MacQueen in the bibliography i put
    \makeatletter % Reference list option change
    \renewcommand\@biblabel[1]{#1.} % from [1] to 1.
    \makeatother %
    at the beginning of my .tex file.

    Anyway i still have one problem. I had references like this [1,2,3,4] and it must be [1-4]. I tried to use options sort&compress in natbib but i have an error “Option clash for package natbib”. Can you help me ?


  3. Maybe, i didn’t manage to make it worked. So, I wrote [1-4]\nocite{liu1,liu2,leili,leefox} … It is not optimal but it works.

  4. Wonderfull thank you!!

  5. Hi There

    The “unofficial style” link no longer works here.

    Can someone help, please?


  6. One has to make use of the “wileyj.bst” style. This can be downloaded from here: https://github.com/ClimateGlobalChange/DCMIP2016/blob/master/wileyj.bst

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