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June 18, 2012

How to create CMYK images for journal publications?

Many journals require color figures to be in CMYK format. If you are not doing this over and over again, here is a quick and dirty way to do it, assuming that you are a Windows user.

1. Create your RGB figure, say, foo.tif.
2. Download and install ImageMagick from
3. Download Adobe CMYK profiles from this link
4. Copy the profile files (with extension .icc) to the folder containing your figures.
5. Run the dos command from that the figure folder
convert foo.tif +profile icc -profile sRGB.icc -profile WebCoatedFORGRA28.icc foo-cmyk.tif
Of course, the colors in the CMYK file will look slightly different from the original RGB file. Try use a different icc file in the command to get the best result.